Use More Doorstops to Increase Safety

Mounted doorstops are great for preventing walls from getting damaged by doors. The stops attached to the door and easily lowered with the foot will keep the door open as needed. Completely portable wedge doorstops are perfect for increasing safety around the house, office, store, or commercial building. They are essential in homes with small children to avoid pinched fingers, bruised toes, and a thump on the back or head. Doorstops can also prevent broken glass panels, pictures from falling off the walls, and doors slamming around the house. When the front or back exterior doors are opened or closed and windows are open, breezes often cause the interior doors to slam suddenly because they are lighter. Doorstops placed under those doors will avoid the consequences of slamming doors.

Large and high doorstops can be used in the kitchen and bathroom to keep pets and kids from opening cabinet doors. The stop is heavy and will not slide out of the way when little fingers attempt to get under the door to explore the area. That avoids the dangers of breathing in or ingesting harmful chemicals. Smaller sized wedges are ineffective for this purpose because they do not reach the bottom of the cabinet doors. The size and weight of heavy-duty doorstops are no match for toddlers and puppies. Most manufacturers, such as Superiormaker, offer doorstops in multiple packs to save customers money and ensure there are plenty of stops available for clever uses.

Clever commercial uses for doorstops, other than keeping doors opened, can increase safety as well as reduce liability risks for the business. Cleaning and utility carts do not always have brakes on the casters. Using a large door stop to keep it from rolling out of place when stationary can prevent spills, tripping hazards, and items falling off the cart. Stops can be glued to the factory floor to keep vibrating machinery from shifting or moving forward. If machinery vibrates quickly, it may move far enough to unplug or come off foundations and stands. Keeping windows open for proper ventilation is another use for large doorstops in a factory. Loud noises, vibrations, or excessive humidity can cause windows to become loose on the track and close, compromising the air quality.

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