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The Advantages Home Mortgage

Home is a human need that can be considered a major need. It has become a desire for everyone to make a home to support its survival. But today based on the results of a survey conducted, the making of the house to eat such large funds. It is a problem for everyone to start living independently. Such circumstances do make the human play back the mind so that the problem is resolved. So now the government makes a program that is often called Perumnas Home Mortgage.

Home mortgage can be said an interesting innovation because in addition to be a business can overcome the problems in the construction of each home. There have been many countries that use this system. One of them in Indonesia this kind of thing has been applied several years ago. The result in Indonesia is also positive. Many people are enthusiastic about this government program. Communities assume that using such facilities will greatly benefit them. Besides they can live independently they also have plenty of time to save to make the house.

The advantages of using this kind of home facilities are also many. Usually advance payment is only 1 to 10% and installment is not burdensome. Building materials are also good and usually this building has a strategic location. This strategic location that triggers the enthusiasts for the service users. Because it will allow access and performance of its users. When the government finds a strategic place such as a place located between access points of various things the government will usually review and use it as housing. Basically this situation can be said to be mutually beneficial between the two sides of government and society. For the government this is a business and become an income for the country and for the community will feel their suffering is more possible because by only removing a part of their income they can enjoy the nice house facilities that have been provided by the government.

Basically this system is used not solely to seek profit for a country’s income. But more precisely this program aims to develop the settlement and give welfare to the community for the future of the country can grow for the better. When a country’s society is prosperous it can be said to be truly independent because society is a pillar for a country. Strong pillar means a strong building is equal to a prosperous society means an independent country.